Plein Air Watercolour Workshop June 5


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About this Ink and Watercolour class:
My name is Val Lawton and I’m an artist with the Bateman Foundation. I’m looking forward to this lovely plein air, ink and watercolour workshop with you all.
We’ll start with some basic sketching warm-ups with our pencils, then we’ll tuck them away for the rest of the session. From then on, we’ll be either using our pen or our paintbrushes.
Since we’ll be surrounded by marvellous trees of many shades of green, I’m going to be doing a wee bit of colour mixing to demonstrate how to make our greens really pop.
Below is a list of what my watercolour palette will consist of (plus or minus a few others)– but you certainly do not need to rush out and buy these. If you can have your basic primary colours handy, then we can work on creating some of those popping greens I mentioned above. 

  • Ultramarine Blue 
  • Prussian Blue 
  • Lemon Yellow 
  • New Gamboge 
  • Napthol Red  
  • Pyrrol Scarlet 
  • Payne’s Gray 
  • Sap Green 

About the park:
Saxe Point was designated as park land in 1934. During World War 2, many trees on this 7.5 hectare site were cleared and a searchlight was installed as part of the DND’s shoreline defence. 
The park provides spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains and Strait of Juan de Fuca. Fine perennial and shrub borders and a large open lawn area overlook the water. Forested trails and beach accesses are set among mature Douglas fir and Grand fir.

Supply List:

  • “watercolour sketchbook” minimum 90 lb paper 
  • HB pencil 
  • ballpoint pen 
  • Waterproof black felt pen (Sakura Micron, Pitt, Sharpie or Staedtler) 
  • Cotman watercolour paint set or similar 
  • watercolour paint brushes, which may include a 
  • Koi Water brush or similar, pre-filled 
  • paper towel, elastic bands or binder clip 
  • Water 
  • Hat, Sunscreen, Water bottle, Snack  
  • possibly a folding stool or sit-pad if you feel you need one

Date: June 5, 2022
Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Saxe Point Park
Class size: 15 students Maximum

Class instructor will email students with final details including meeting spot prior to the class.
Registration Closes Thursday June 2

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