Watercolour Nature Painting Vancouver


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Developing confidence in Sketching and Drawing anywhere with watercolour. This session will help you acquire technical skills and set your preferences for materials and methods as you become used to the habit of sketching and drawing anywhere outdoors.

In this outdoor watercolour session, you will learn how to get loose and work from observation. Participants will learn to combine drawing and watercolour in your sketches and learn foundation skills in watercolour, preparation, and materials used outdoors. In addition, we will discover the technique of professional colour pencils and watercolour pencils. During the sessions, you would introduce basic composition, perspective, art and design principles and understand the colour reference system for the natural world.

At the end of the program students have the opportunity to submit their art to be put up in the NatureSketch Gallery. 

Instructor will email students with finalised details a few days prior to the beginning of the class.”)

“registration closes 5 days prior to the class start day, closes (Sept. 20).

Dates: Sundays Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 16, 23, 30

Time: 10:30am – 12:15pm

Age range: 14-114

Locations: TBD

Class size: (max number of students)

Cost: $148.75 + gst

Instructor: Maggie Chow

Supplies needed:

  • size 6 watercolour brush (short handle), 

  • Water tank brush (optional), 

  • small watercolour set ( could be in tube or travel set ),

  • watercolour sketchbook/ Pad ( NO larger than 9×12), 

  • colour pencil, watercolour pencil, 

  • drawing pencil ( 2B, 4B, 6B, HB or 2H),

  • eraser, 

  • baby wipes, 

  • clipboard or thick cardboard to support your sketchbook, 

  • portable chair to sit.

No need to purchase any supplies for the first day. Bring what you have at home. Maggie will introduce different watercolour and materials that are suitable and practical for outdoor use and learn how to shop for one. Alternatively, an outdoor watercolour kit with sketchbook available to purchase on site.

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