Gary Oak Watercolour Painting – In Bateman Gallery


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Beginner friendly, this program teaches you the fundamentals and principles of watercolours and how to apply them to bringing your art to life. You will apply the skills learned in this to bringing colour, vibrancy, and detail to your paintings. 

This 4-week Garry Oak Watercolour Painting course is taught by Bryone Wynne-Jones. Learn the intimate details of the venerable Garry Oak trees, study their leaves, trunks, branches, and roots, and bring them to life with watercolour paints.

By the end of this course you will have learned the principles of watercolour painting, learn how to apply them in practice, and you will have painted a complete Garry Oak tree, with study paintings of its various parts.

At the end of the program students have the opportunity to submit their art to be put up in the NatureSketch Gallery. 

Instructor will email students with finalised details a few days prior to the beginning of the class.

Registration closes 5 days prior to the first day of class.

Dates: Nov 26, Dec, 3, 10, 17

Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm PST

Age range: 14-114

Skill: beginner to moderate friendly

Locations: Bateman Gallery – “The Roost” room

Class size: 15 Maximum

Cost: $170+tax

Instructor: Bryonne Wynne-Jones

Supplies to bring:



  • lemon, 

  • cad. yell med.              

  • raw sienna,


  • indigo, 

  • ultramarine


  • quinacridone red, 

  • alizarin crimson


  • tube of white gouache,

Optional Colours: 

  • dioxizine violet, 

  • sap green, 

  • terre verte, 

  • cerulean blue, 

  • sepia, 

  • rose madder or quinacridone rose, 

  • quinacridone gold.


  • watercolour pad 8 x 10 or your choice,  or one sheet of BFK Rives 140 lb. paper,  which we will divide in the classroom.


  • one large round, size 8 or 10,

  • one small round,

  • one cat’s tongue series 250 size two or four,

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